Meet Jasmine

My name is Jasmine Kuchenbrand and I am an Occupational Therapist. Healthology Consulting is near and dear to my heart and I decided to create the clinic to meet the needs in the community. I was originally born and raised in Lloydminster and I can say that coming back was not always in the cards for me, but my entire career journey was not something I could really predict. I remember in grad school when asked by others in what area I would work, I told my classmates it would be anything but kids. As luck would have it I now work in pediatrics and provide pelvic health education. Maybe I was too much of a kid at the time, but I now know this is an area I am passionate about.

Here are some of my favourite things: 

    ⁃    My dog, Freya 🐶

    ⁃    The colour black 🖤

    ⁃    Steak and seafood 🥩🦐

    ⁃   Fishing & Quadding 🎣

    ⁃    Spending time outside 🌳☀️

    ⁃    Working with kids 🤸🏻‍♀️🎉

Meet Camryn!

Hello! My name is Camryn and I am thrilled to be joining the Healthology Consulting team at the end of November.  I recently graduated from the University of Alberta with my Master’s in Occupational Therapy.  I have grown up in the Lloydminster area since I started school and I can’t wait to return and provide services in this vibrant community. 

Here are some of my favourite things: 

    ⁃    My kitty, Leo 🐱 

    ⁃    The colour pink 💗

    ⁃    Pizza 🍕 

    ⁃    A good book 📖 

    ⁃    Gardening 👩🏻‍🌾 💐

    ⁃    Spending time outside 🌳☀️

    ⁃    Working with kids 🤸🏻‍♀️


I can’t wait to meet you in November!! 😊

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